UK key workers in Covid

How has the Covid 19 pandemic impacted the everyday working and living experience of UK workers in the Foundational Economy.  In this new working paper Working in the Foundational Economy during Covid 19 , Paul Sissons and colleagues from Coventry University report on the results from a telephone survey of nearly 2000 UK workers in June and July 2020 towards the end of the first lock down.  These employees do now feel more valued as key workers and they are much less likely to be furloughed than those in overlooked economy sectors like retail and hospitality.  but workers in the material and providential sectors what also likely to be more stressed even then though many of them continued working in at the same location in the same way as before. In the providential sectors of health education and care 1/3 will working more hours and 1/3 separately reported it was more difficult to manage home and work responsibilities; in these same sectors around half reported that the work itself was more stressful and feared for the consequences on their health