Working papers

In 2017 we started a new series of working papers which give group members and radical friends the opportunity to put their most recent work before a wider public without delay and without requiring a standard academic format.

The title of our most recent paper, Working Paper 10, poses and provides a foundational answer to the question of what if social democracy cannot capture the central state?   Working Paper 9, by Paul Sissons and colleagues, reports on a survey of key workers during the first wave of the Covid pandemic.  Working Paper 8 summarises recent developments in foundational thinking and introduces concepts like FE 2.0 and reliance system. Published in January 2021, this working paper provides a useful guide to how our thinking has moved on since the publication of the 2018 book.

What if Social Democracy Cannot Capture the Central State? The foundational approach to a politics of liveability and sustainability Luca Calafati, joe Earle, Julie Froud, Colin Haslam, Steve Jeffels, Sukhdev Johal and Karel Williams (WP10, May 2021)

Working in the Foundational Economy During Covid-19 Paul Sissons, Pattanapong Tiwasing, Jennifer Ferreira (WP9, April 2021)

Meeting Social Needs on a Damaged Planet: Foundational Economy 2.0 and the care-ful practice of radical policy Luca Calafati, Julie Froud, Colin Haslam, Sukhdev Johal and Karel Williams (WP8, January 2021)

Universal Basic Services and the Foundational Economy Anna Coote (WP7, October 2020)

Cohesion through housing? Residual income, housing tenure and UK regional policy Julie Froud, Colin Haslam, Sukhdev Johal and Karel Williams (WP6, February 2020)

Foundational liveability: rethinking territorial inequalities   Julie Froud, Colin Haslam, Sukhdev Johal, Nick Tsitsianis and Karel Williams (WP5, October 2018)

Future Value as the basis for multiple investments Hanneke Puts and Jurgen van der Heijden (WP4, August 2017)

From foundational economics and the grounded city to foundational urban systems Stephen Hall and Alex Schafran (WP3, May 2017)

How to make Brexit Work: foundational policies for a disunited kingdom  Julie Froud, Sukhdev Johal, Michael Moran and Karel Williams (WP2, April 2017)

How public sector accounting mimics private sector reporting and puts foundational services at risk  Colin Haslam, Nick Tsitsianis and Raznan Hionaru (WP1, February 2017)