English COVID-19 Report

In the Covid-19 pandemic, the immediate concern of European citizens is with the spread of the virus and the public health crisis, with the lock downs and their economic consequences and with the response of governments. The crisis demonstrates the importance of the foundational economy. This is the part of the economy which cannot be shut down because it produces essential goods and services; and the list of key workers in each national economy provides a practical definition of what counts as foundational.

But what comes after the immediate crisis is over? After the crisis, do we default back to the “same old, same old”; or can we make the case for a renewal of the foundational provision which has been neglected in the past generation. Before the crisis we developed and publicly supported the foundational economy concept; now foundational thinking is more relevant than ever to a liveable, sustainable and democratic future. Please read What Comes after the Pandemic? from the Foundational Economy Collective about a ten point platform for renewal. Or, the 2020 Manifesto which is a shorter version of the argument.

Filippo Barbera, Oriol Estela Barnet, David Bassens, Lavinia Bifulco, Andrew Bowman, Luca Calafati, Joselle Dagnes, Sarah de Boeck, Marta de la Cuesta, Joe Earle, Ewald Engelen. Jessica Ferm, Julie Froud, Colin Haslam, Sukhdev Johal, Ian Rees Jones, John Law, Adam Leaver, Kevin Morgan, Stefano Neri, Andreas Novy, Leonhard Plank, Angelo Salento, Wolfgang Streeck, John Tomaney, Karel Williams