Current research reports

This page lists recent public interest reports which are outputs from current or past research projects.

The most recent reports are both on regional policy. What Wales Can Do concerns regional strategy in the Swansea Bay city region. From Australia, in April 2017, we have Peter Fairbrother’s report on regional strategy for Gippsland after Brown Co.

An earlier U.K report from March 2017 is on the reshoring of UK textiles and, from late 2016, there is also the Manchester Transformed report on the consequences of property led regeneration in Manchester.

Previous U.K reports represent first results from what are, effectively, ongoing group projects. The 2016 report on business models in care is continued by Diane Burns’ project on Doing Care Differently in Sheffield. The original FSB (Wales) sponsored report of 2015 is  followed up in 2017 by our new report on What Wales Can Do.

What Wales Can Do: Asset Based Policies and the Foundational Economy (June 2017) Joe Earle, Julie Froud, Colin Haslam, Sukhdev Johal, Michael Moran and Karel Williams

Doing things differently: A strategy for the Gippsland region (April 2017) Amanda Coles, Peter Fairbrother, Natalie Jovanski, Fiona MacDonald, Val Prokopiv, Dominik Safari, Helen Scott and Karel Williams

Coming Back? Capability and Precarity in UK Textiles and Apparel (March 2017) Julie Froud, Steven Hayes, Hua Wei and Karel Williams

Manchester transformed: why we need a reset of city region policy (November 2016) Peter Folkman, Julie Froud, Sukdev Johal, John Tomaney and Karel Williams

Why we need social innovation in home care for older people Diane Burns, Joe Earle,Peter Folkman, Julie Froud, Paula Hyde, Sukhdev Johal, Ian Rees Jones, Anne Killett, Karel Williams (September 2016)

Where does all the money go? Financialised chains and the crisis in residential care. Diane Burns, Luke Cowie, Joe Earle, Peter Folkman, Julie Froud, Paula Hyde, Sukhdev Johal, Ian Rees Jones, Anne Killett, Karel Williams (March 2016)

What Wales could be (September 2015) Lucy Brill, Peter Folkman, Julie Froud, Sukdev Johal and Karel Williams