Conference – Exploring the Foundational Economy for a Just Transition, 14-16th September 2023, Vienna

In 2023 the 6th Foundational Economy international conference will be held at the Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien) on 14th to 16th September. The conference will include keynote speakers and plenary sessions, parallel sessions as well as working groups and city walks.

Multiple crises – war, global warming, disasters, famine and social injustice – are generating heightened insecurity among populations and trigger the search for security and stability. Defending, strengthening and expanding accessible, affordable and sustainable foundational goods and services is thus a cornerstone of an eco-social transformation that can secure everyone’s basic needs. This conference brings together academics and practitioners to critically engage with the concept of the Foundational Economy and explore potentials for strengthening and building better foundational systems. A key concern thereby is to put approaches to the Foundational Economy in conversation with feminist and intersectional perspectives on social provisioning  and eco-social transformation.

Full details and the call for papers and panels are available here.  Please submit your paper or proposal by 15th April.