COVID-19 and a Welsh community

This short report comes from the small deindustrialized town of Blaenau Ffestiniog in North Wales which through the lens of official statistics  would be described as “left behind” But a different kind of close-up knowledge was obtained from a community online questionnaire about the impact of Covid-19  in May and early June 2020. Wages are low and self-employment is precarious but family and community matter to most of our respondents (both native born and immigrants) and most felt that the lock down has brought the community together to help neighbours. At this point, business failure and high unemployment were apprehensions about the future; not the present realities they will be in autumn and winter 2020. But the survey underlines the importance of public policy on access to the foundational basics and the ned to maintain and renew infrastructure which allows families and communities to get on with what matters for them.

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