New Belgian book

New Belgian book: social ecological transition

In their new book The Essential Economy: An Engine for Social-Ecological Transition David Bassens and Sarah de Boeck have updated foundational analysis for a Belgian audience. They argue that the global Covid-19 crisis tmade Belgian society’s daily dependence on a number of economic sectors painfully clear. Healthcare, education, public transportation, food, energy and water, and housing were quickly recognized as “essential sectors” that needed to remain “open” during recurring periods of lockdown. Either to control of the virus, or to ensure the social reproduction of households. What was essential suddenly became the subject of public debate. Consequently, the crisis is not only a moment of urgent political action. The crisis also invites us to debate what kind of economy we want and to what end. This book argues that the essential economy can be the basis of a renewed social contract between citizen and state from which a socially just and ecological transition can be launched.

The book can be seen on Academic and Scientific Publishers.

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