New International book

International book: reclaiming economics

Here is the latest book in the Manchester Capitalism series: It’s a settling of accounts with mainstream economics by radical researchers from Rethinking Economics, the international movement which came out of the University of Manchester at the same time as early foundational economy research. The new book argues that we need to diversify, decolonise and democratise economics. Reclaiming the knowledge so that we can address humanity’s pressing challenges develop the skills and tools to build modern economies which do not reproduce harmful inequalities

Here again is a collectively authored book with Joe Earle as one of the three named authors. Joe was  a founder member of rethinking economics, worked as a foundational researcher and remains involved in Welsh activism while currently CEO of Ecnmy.

The book can be seen on the MUP site:’Reclaiming%20economics%20for%20future%20generations%20is%20a%20thought%2Dprovoking%20tour,and%20debate%20within%20the%20profession

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