New edition of FE Book

New edition of FE book: Adaptive reuse

The foundational project is a body of thinking and doing which develops by reworking earlier statements of position.  One of the frustrations is that critics and commentators seize on earlier formulations without recognising how these are now qualified by a process which the French architects Lacaton and Vassal would call “adaptive reuse” of the original schema. Thus the 2018 Foundational Economy book develops and builds on positions in  the original 2013 Manifesto while the new 2022 edition of the book reprints the original text but adds a substantial new preface which references the work of the past few years and explains how this body of recent work  adds, transfers and reuses foundational argument and evidence. The concept of adaptive reuse can be used to understand a bricolage reworking of systems and policies and this challenge will be taken up in an all new English book on household liveability in 2023 .

View the book on the Manchester University Press (MUP) website.

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