2018 Colloquium outputs

The 2018 Foundational Economy Colloquium on Social Innovation in the Foundational Economy was held on September 5th at Cardiff University and on September 6th in the Steelworks General Offices at Ebbw Vale.

Here are slides and text which give some of the papers from the Cardiff sessions headed by the plenary from Oriol Estela Barnet head of strategic planning at Barcelona; and below are some presentations and notes of discussion from the Ebbw Vale sessions on care, regeneration and procurement

Plenary: Oriol Estela Barnet (PEMB) “On Barcelona’s first steps towards a foundational strategy” Cardiff Sept 2018

Regional economies: Adam Leaver (Sheffield) “The financialization of property and the diseconomies of agglomeration”Cardiff Sept 2018; Andreas Novy and Leonhard Plank (TU Vienna) “Intermediary institutions in Austria and Vienna” Novy Cardiff sept 2018

Cities: Sarah de Boeck, David Bassens and Michael Ryckewaert (VUB Brussels) “Making space for a more foundational construction sector in Brussels” Cardiff Sept 2018; Mike Hodson and Pam Stapleton (Manchester)  “From developer regeneration to civic futures in Greater Manchester” Hodson Cardiff sept 2018

Citizenship: Filippo Barbera, Nicola Negri and Angelo Salento (Turin) “Foundational economy, local commons and citizenship” Cardiff Sept 2018; Mick Moran and Karel Williams (Manchester) The struggle for social citizenship in the 2020s” Williams Cardiff sept 2018

Wales: Colin Haslam, Sukhdev Johal and Nick Tsitsianis “How and why the foundational economy matters in Wales” Cardiff Sept 2018

Care:  Diane Burns, Sue Evans, Adrian Roper “What can we learn about care by thinking about money” Welsh develops Care Ebbw Vale sept 2018; Diane Burns, Julie Froud and Adrian Roper “Report on workshop discussion of care” Cardiff Sept 2018

Regeneration: Jill Ebrey and Ross Williams “New place based policies (for Morriston)” Welsh develops Regen ebbw Vale sept 2018

Procurement: Steve Cranston and Calvin Jones “Blaenau Gwent Foundational Economy Pilot.” Welsh develops Procurement Ebbw Vale Sept 2018Steve Cranston and Kevin Morgan “Report from procurement workshops Workshop report procurement Ebbw Vale sept 2018